Latsis Group Affiliates

Founded in the 1940s by the late John S. Latsis, Latsis Group initially focused on trade and shipping. During the 1970s, the Group began diversifying its activities by building the first export refinery in Greece and thereafter undertaking major infrastructure and energy projects in Saudi Arabia. Since the 1980s the Group has developed the following main business activities:

  • Development and management of real estate internationally through, Lamda Development S.A. (Athens Exchange Listed)
  • Private banking and asset management through EFG International - (Listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange)
  • Commercial shipping through Latsco Shipping Ltd
  • Refining and trading of petroleum and natural gas, electricity production through Hellenic Petroleum(Athens Exchange Listed)
  • Investment in the healthcare sector in Switzerland through La Tour Hospital
  • Latsis Group operates in Saudi since the 1970’s through its direct subsidiary SETE Saudia

Latsis Group

Latist Group

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